Why do I upgrade after receiving the first 2 referral fees in each level?

Your crowd funding groups will grow at different paces. Example: You may have one leg or section of a leg grow faster than another one. You do NOT have to complete a Stage (Other than Stage 1), to receive referral fees from lower Stages. If you do NOT allow the system to auto upgrade you after these points, you may lose a lot of potential referral fees pass over you and the person above you will receive them. This is why it is so important to allow the system to auto upgrade you.

Do I have to stay in the program for a certain amount of time?

No; You will have the ability to opt out at any time. Like any other crowd funding program, it is voluntary. There is an opt out option on your dashboard (website). You will also receive a message every time the system is going to upgrade you later in the day. You will have the ability to opt out at any time. I would not suggest doing so, as you may miss out on referral fees, but it is entirely up to you.

Is there a monthly “Auto ship?”

No, but there is a monthly subscription fee of $90.00. This covers your cost of Cryptu Universtiy and its’ Social Media Hub. Once you renew your subscription, you will upgrade to the person directly above you each month. AGAIN, you will have the option to opt out at any time. The goal is to receive Stage 2 referral fees as soon as possible and that way you never have to worry about using your own money to renew. You will simply be able to roll over one of your first two $90.00 referral fees to automatically renew the next month. You will also receive a full lesson from Crypto University as you renew each month.

Do I have to complete a Stage to receive referral fees from the next Stage?

No. Other than Stage 1 to go to Stage 2. Other than the first Stage, you will NOT need to complete another Stage to receive referral fees from any of the Stages below it. This means that you can receive numerous referral fees per months with just a fraction of your matrix being built. This program is designed to assist the “little guy.” We want everyone to have a great opportunity to change their lives in a positive way.

How do I know when I am ready to be auto upgraded and how do I make sure I have enough ETHER stored in my Ethereum Wallet to do so?

The system will send you an email and text once you are ready to be upgraded. You will also receive an opt out message embedded in them as well. You will also have a tracker on your dashboard and under your “My Ethereum Wallet” tab. You will see how much you have received in referral fees and how much is available for you to cash out or spend, without risking missing an upgrade.

How do I promote the program once I sign up?

Every new subscriber will receive duplicatable websites and capture pages, preloaded with content and videos. They will also receive this same “additional information PDF” to send to others (like yourself), who requested more information. You are also able to share it with people in your “warm market,” but I recommend sharing the preloaded sites online (You will also receive instructions on how and where to post them to receive optimal leads). Imagine yourself and everyone in your organization to have the ability to plug into a duplicatable system the day you/they start the program.

How do I take advantage of a Humanitarian Expedition?

You can click on our “Expeditions” tab on our website and be directed Choice Humanitarian. Once there, you can purchase an Expedition directly. Expeditions cost $2,000.00 per person + the cost of your flight. We will also be rewarding people Expeditions many different ways. We will be donating 15% of our top Corporate spot donations directly to Choice Humanitarian. For every $2,000.00 we donate to Choice, we will receive a voucher for an Expedition. We will be treating, not only many of our subscribers, but their entire families to Expeditions. We will send them as a reward and even have drawings and just pick people at random. Our desire is to have as many people participate in a Humanitarian Expedition as we can. This will allow people to experience another side of life in hopes they will catch the “bug” and become little humanitarians of their own.

This sounds amazing! How do I sign up and get started?

Click the sign-up button below. You will also receive a sign-up video and tutorial when you sign up using the link from the person who referred you to us, or the link of the person’s site who led you to us.