"In a world still primarily driven by the bottom line, Project Ethereum is showing true vision and courage by building social impact into their business model from its inception. By their support to CHOICE Humanitarian, Project Ethereum will greatly accelerate the vision of CHOICE to end extreme poverty for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide."

- Leah Barker, CEO CHOICE Humanitarian

Meet our Founder
John Johnson

John Johnson has been in sales and marketing for the past two decades. John has started many different companies over the years and also spent time as a consultant for small businesses. John was previously working within a Crypto Currency Platform and realized there as a better way to assist members on building ad receiving donations.

John enjoys his business, assisting others, and spending time with his family. Helping others is a huge aspect of Project Ethereum and we hope all of our members spend some time thinking about others. By doing so, they will find success and be able to share it with others.